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Prison Farm

Prison Farm

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Prison Farm

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Mission Statement:

The Darlington County Prison farm prepares inmates for reentry into society by offering a structured work environments while teaching accountability and life management skills. Our facility models a healthy, well-organized environment that encourages inmates to contribute to their community and realize the benefits by being positively involved with others. 

The Prison Farm:

The Darlington County Prison Farm is located at 200 Camp Road at the Darlington County Prison Camp. The Prison Camp, which was built in the early 30's, is a 51-bed minimum security, all male facility. 

The inmates are utilized as a labor source for the Darlington County Public Works Department, as well as various other County Departments.

Additional information about the Prison Farm may be obtained by contacting the office via phone or fax.

What is a Prison Farm:

A prison farm or work camp is a correctional facility where penal labor convicts are put to economical use in a farm (in the wide sense of a productive unit), usually for manual labor, largely in open air. Its historical equivalent on a very large scale was called a Penal Colony.

Any agricultural goods produced by prison farms are generally used primarily to feed the prisoners themselves and other wards of the state (residents of orphanages, asylums, etc.), and secondarily, to be sold for whatever profit the state may be able to obtain.

In addition to labor directly for the government on a prison farm or in a penal colony, inmates may do farm work for private enterprises by being "farmed out" through the practice of convict leasing to work on private agricultural lands or related industries. The party purchasing their labor from the government generally does so at a steep discount.


200 Camp Road
Darlington, SC  29532
Phone: 843-398-4210
Fax: 843-398-4127
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Ulanda  D. Green
Prison Farm Director

Our Staff is composed of Class 2 Law Enforcement Officers
(Corrections Officers)