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Clerk of Court

Clerk of Court

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Citizens of Darlington and surrounding Counties:

In continuing with the growth of the Clerk of Court and Darlington County, we want to thank you for visiting our web site. We hope that you will give us input on how to make the site better for the citizens of Darlington County. Please respond with your questions and suggestions at the "Contact Section."

My staff and I would like to thank you for the opportunity to serve as the Clerk of Court. It has been our pleasure and we look forward to serving you in the coming years.

~Clerk of Court and staff of the Clerk of Court of Darlington County~

General Session / Criminal Court:

General Session otherwise known as Criminal Court is responsible for the receiving and filing, indexing, and housing the criminal warrants, bond paperwork, and/or motions. They provide information to sled (Special Law Enforcement Division) on individuals pertaining to the disposition of their cases. This division also has a working relationship with other agencies such as (SCDC) South Carolina Department of Corrections, the Darlington County Sheriff's Office, the Public Defender's Office, the Solicitor's Office and others. Chief Deputy Clerk of Court Jonna M. Carter provides supervision over this division. She may be reached at jcarter@darcosc.net.

Family Court / Support:

Family court/support division consist of eight clerical clerks that are devised of wage withholding for court ordered and voluntary withholdings, divorce and domestic court hearings for divorces and criminal domestic cases, Department of Social Services court hearings for developing cases that consist of DNA on paternity testing, along with handling any and all alimony and child support monies. They also provide information that help the Darlington County Sheriff's Office with apprehending DEAD BEAT PARENTS. Deputy Clerk of Court Samantha Scott provides supervision for this division. She may be reached at sscott@darcosc.net.

Common Pleas Court:

Common pleas or civil court division consist of personnel that provide services such as: filing civil disputes, scheduling civil and post conviction relief court hearings, filing judgment orders and computer input. They also update the court roster reports on the judicial website. Deputy Clerk of Court Jennifer Sanders provides supervision for this division. She may be reached at jglanz@darcosc.net

Register Of Deeds:

The Register of Deeds consist of six clerks. The responsibilities of the RMC office are to record, index, image, and return documents. Among the documents in which are recorded are, deeds, mortgages (any instruments pertaining to the mortgage), financing statements, tax liens (state and federal), conveyance liens, plats and powers of attorney. We also register appointments of notary, and firework license. The RMC office is currently using the indexing and imaging system Resolution, which is created by Cott Systems based out of Worthington, Ohio. Using this system we are able to process the documents and return them within three days of recording. This office can be reached at:
clerk@darcosc.net or lhodges@darcosc.net



Clerk Of the Court
1 Public Square, Room B-4
Darlington, South Carolina  29532

Clerk Of Court: 843-398-4330
Family Court (Support): 843-398-4333
Family Court Fax: 843-393-6871
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Jury Duty Call Back Center:

Scott B. Suggs

Clerk of Court
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Scott Suggs

Jonna Carter

Deputy Clerk of Court
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