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New Fees Effective July 1, 2017

Owners of every vehicle, with the exception of manufactured homes and nonmotorized vehicles, required to be registered and licensed in Darlington County by the SC Department of Motor Vehicles shall pay annually to the Darlington County Treasurer, a road maintenance fee of $30 and an emergency services vehicle fee of $15 on each such vehicle. 

 The road maintenance fee and emergency services vehicle fee established herein shall also apply to each dealer and wholesaler plate issued to duly licensed motor vehicle dealers and wholesalers in Darlington County by the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. 

Emergency Services Residential Fee…..$20.00 annually

The emergency services residential fee is levied upon all residential properties, including mobile homes and farm residences, in the county. The service charge shall be levied on individual residential units located in apartments and duplexes and on individual mobile home parking spaces located in mobile home parks. The service charge shall be added to the annual tax bill of the owners of such residential properties and collected at the same time and subject to the same provisions as county taxes.

Ordinance No. 17-04